MASFi (MAS Capital Unversal Financial Public Blockchain) is committed to building a secure, friendly and efficient cross-chain platform for crypto assets, being as an entry of blockchain for worldwide, we provide one-stop service to meet the needs of people in all aspects about crypto currencies.  We possess an unbreakable SPV wallet(MAS Pay) with multi-chain technology, cross-chain lightning transfer ecosystem, private and multiple chats, various DAPP applications. We will offer more diversified services in further days.

MASFi 致力于建构一个安全、友善、高效的数字资产跨链平台,为全球用户提供区块链世界的入口,一站式地满足人们对数字货币生活各个环节的需求。我们拥有多链安全的轻钱包(MAS Pay),跨链闪电交易生态系统,隐私多元化聊天社群, 丰富的DAPP应用,未来将提供更多元的服务。


AI Digial Asset Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 4, 13th Floor, No. 1 Fuxing S. Rd., Section 1, Song San District, Taipei, Taiwan 10556

台灣臺北市松山區復興南路一段1號13樓之4 郵政編碼: 10556