Masfi is online

Masfi is online! MAS Capital Unversal Financial Blockchain (MAS Capital Unversal Financial Blockchain) is an institutional level, all-purpose hybrid chain designed for the Financial industry, operating at 10,000 +TPS lightning speed.MASFI is the foundation of DEFI’s future.

名资链(MASFi)已经上线! 名资万能金融公共区块链(MAS Capital Unversal Financial Blockchain)是一个机构级别、专为金融行业设计的通用混合链,以10,000+TPS闪电速度运行。MASFi 是 DeFi 未来的基础。

VI. For More Info

Is there any further information about cryptocurrency in MAS Pay wallet app?
The user can click on the icon of the bottom compass to enter the page, which provides a number of cryptocurrency assets, trend quotes, related financial reports, blockchain discussion groups and other multi-related links for users to use.
If there is a problem about using app, is there any custom service to answer?
If the user has any problems in use, please click the gear icon on the right hand side of the page, select other, click “Feedback” to enquire, we will reply to the letter as soon as possible after receiving the letter to help users solve problems.
How do I know other related messages or activities about MAS Pay wallet ?
Users can click on the gear icon at the bottom of the page and select “Follow us”. We have official accounts such as Wechat, Telegram, Facebook, Medium and Line to provide the latest news or events from time to time. Welcome to subscribe!

V. User data backup

Does the wallet need to be backed up?
After you create your identity, the page will automatically jump out of your personal QR code. The user should save QR code and store it at this time. You can also select the account settings in the settings on the right hand side of the gear icon at the bottom of the APP page. : “Account Security” or select “Backup Identity”.
Account Security: Select the type and address of the wallet to be reserved. After click, the page will display the method of copying the private key or QR code to save.
Backup Identity: After entering the password and password prompt, the personal backup QR code will be displayed. It is recommended that the user divide all the wallet information and keep it properly, in case the person has the opportunity to obtain the private key information and the possibility of losing the cryptocurrency assets.
If the wallet is stolen, can I request to freeze the account?
As a decentralized wallet, MAS Pay wallet does not hold the private key, so it is impossible to freeze the account or transaction rollback.
What if the QR code or the wallet private key is not backed up?
If the user loses or does not have information such as wallet, private key, etc., MAS Pay wallet can’t help the user to retrieve it. This is very important, so remind the user again: important information such as wallet and private key must be properly kept.
What should I do if my phone is lost?
If you confirm that you have saved and backed up your wallet and private key, your user assets are still safe, but we MAS Pay still recommend that users take security precautions to restore MAS Pay wallet information with QR code on the new phone, and then transfer the currency in the wallet to another new built-in wallet.
Can I delete MAS Pay wallet app if I don’t need it?
If the user no longer needs to continue using it, select the gear icon on the right hand side of the page, click “Delete Account” in the account settings and press OK.

IV. SMS Operation

What are the functions in MAS Pay wallet community?
Use MAS Pay wallet community to chat with friends and take photos, send pictures, files, collections, and chat with friends.

How do you add friends to the community?
MAS Pay wallet provides community chat function. Users can click the icon at the bottom of the page and click the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the screen to add friends, groups or create groups. After the other party agrees to join the friend, Click the address book function of the portrait icon at the top of the page and click “Agree” to join the friend or group.

If the friend conveyed a private message, can I delete the conversation record?
MAS Pay wallet has the function of providing “secret chat”. You can click on the dialog box in the upper right corner of the chat room with friends. Before turning on this function, you must first start “decentralization” and then select the time limit of secret chat, the options would be each single conversation or retaining 5, 10, 20 minutes, etc. After the setting is completed, the APP will delete all the conversation content records according to the retention time limit set by the last operation of both parties. The purpose of this feature makes sure that no chat log is not stored by any device and can be deleted any time, increasing the security of chatting mutually.
◎The group also has the function of secret chat. At present, only those who creates the group are authorized to start a secret chat function.

How do I join other groups in MAS Pay community?
Want to join a nice group and learn with everyone? Just click on the QR code thumbnail in the upper right corner of the dialog window of the group and the dialog box will pop up the prompt to scan the QR code to join the group. If you have friends they also use MAS Pay wallet app, you can directly scan the code to join. You can also take a screenshot of the QR code, go to the community page, click the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the top row, select join group, in the upper right corner of the Scan Camera page, select QR code photos can join the group.

III. Wallet Setting

How many crypto currency does MAS Pay wallet support?
MAS Pay wallet supports various wallet type such as bitcoin, etheric currency, and stablecoin. Various types of wallets can be added with multiple sets of wallets in the same currency, and the wallet type-1 and wallet type will be sequentially The list of 2 methods lists, and more new currency wallets will be opened in the future.

How to create a new wallet?
Click the “+” symbol in the upper right corner of the wallet page, select “Add Wallet”, add a BTC wallet or ETH wallet, and the added wallet will be displayed in the wallet of the individual currency.

How to change the name of user’s wallet?
The added wallet will be stored in the same currency wallet category. Please select the type of wallet you want to modify and click on the wallet address. Then click the gear icon in the upper right corner. For example, click BTC Wallet on the homepage of the wallet, select the first set of wallet address, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page, and then click the thicker black font of BTC Wallet to start changing the name of the wallet.

How to delete the wallet?
If you want to delete the new wallet, click the currency wallet address you want to delete, click the gear icon in the upper right corner, and click the red prompt “Delete Wallet” to delete the wallet you don’t want to use again.

How to transfer assets from other crypto currency wallets?
Users can select the “+” symbol in the upper right corner of the wallet page, select “Use identity QR code”, scan the wallet QR code of other platforms to import the wallet, or select “Use wallet private key” to select the type of wallet to be imported. Select the scan code icon in the upper right corner, scan the QR code of other platform wallets or read the stored other wallet QR code images for import.

Can assets in MAS Pay transfer to other crypto currency wallets?
Yes. MAS Pay wallet transceiver is based on blockchain network and can be forwarded to other addresses.

Stablecoin (USDT) transfer
The transfer and collection of stablecoin is the same as that of other currency wallet transfer and collection operations. The only difference is that the stablecoin has a basis based on the Bitcoin and Ethereum agreements, so the two cannot transfer each other. Simply put, If you want to transfer money or collect money, click on the stablecoin type wallet on the homepage of the wallet, and then choose to use BTC or ETH to operate. In this step, if you choose BTC, you can only transfer or collect bitcoin. Otherwise, only You can transfer or collect the Ethercoin. After selecting the category, select the wallet you want to operate and click on the option you want to operate in your assets. If you want to transfer the funds, click the transfer, fill in the amount, address and password. To complete the transfer, to receive the payment, click the payment button and share the QR code or address displayed on the screen with the payer.

Does USDT transfer also require GAS fee?
The stored USDT is based on the Omni protocol and will be stored at the address of Bitcoin. Therefore, a small amount of bitcoin is required to be paid as a miner’s fee when transferring funds. At least 0.0002 bitcoin needs to be recharged to the same wallet address as a miner’s fee. There is enough miner’s fee. After that, you can transfer out the USDT. Conversely, if the USDT based on ERC-20 is transferred, ETH is required as a miner’s fee.

Will the USDT transfer generate a BTC transfer while transferring funds at the same time?
The USDT is a cryptocurrency issued by the BTC blockchain. In order to avoid the delay of the BTC block operation by a small amount of transactions each time, each time a USDT transfer is initiated, a small amount of BTC transfer is generated.

When the USDT is transferring, how many BTCs should there be in the same wallet address?
To transfer any USDT, plus the required miner’s fee, the wallet must have at least 0.002 BTCs in the same address to ensure the transfer is successful. At the same time, after receiving the USDT transfer, the payee will receive the same BTC wallet address as the payment address. A minimum amount of BTC transfer will also be received.

How long does it take for the transfer of USDT to arrive?
USDT transfers will be affected by network conditions and miners’ fees. Higher miners’ fees will shorten the trading hours. If you want to speed up the transaction, it is recommended to increase the miners’ fees.

What if the first transaction has not yet arrived, can the second one be transferred successfully?
According to the current design logic, the first transfer will occupy UTXO (unconsumed transaction output) until the transfer is successful, and the quota will be released. It is recommended that the first USDT transfer be successful before the second one is operated.

The wallet can’t find out other new cryptocurrency for token?
MAS Pay wallet will automatically display the Token icon of the imported wallet, no need to increase on user’s own. If the wallet can’t display the icon that means current wallet does not support this currency. The wallet will support more after the update.

Can’t transfer successfully?
Please confirm that the transfer address is correct and that the same currency transfer address or miner fee is sufficient. Insufficient miners may also be a factor leads to unsuccessful transfer.

What should I do if I forget my wallet password?
The only way to re-create the password is to delete the app or delete the account in settings, and then reset the new wallet password by “QR code recovery”. User only needs to follow the instructions on the page, you can import the previous wallet record to new device.
◎Before deleting the APP or account information, you must back up the wallet information previously.

What kind of currency is the wallet used as the unit?
The system is initially based on CNY (RMB) as the display unit. Users can select the basic settings of the gear icon, click on “Denomination Currency” and click TWD or USD as the pricing unit.

Cryptocurrency fluctuates at any time.
MAS Pay wallet converts user’s assets directly into the set total amount of the pricing unit and display it in the wallet. Since the cryptocurrency will fluctuate at any time, the total amount displayed will be different, not means the asset being stolen.

How does MAS Pay wallet ensure the safety of user funds?
MASFi  has a professional team of engineers. The official team also provides security protection for the wallet. In addition, the private key of wallet will only be stored on the client. Only when the transaction is needed will the user enter the password for login. We MAS Pay wallet suggests users reserve and save important information such as wallets and private keys properly.

II. Lighting Network Payment

What is cross-chain?
Take most familiar cryptocurrencies BTC and ETH as example. Because cryptocurrencies use different calculation models and verification methods, their own valuable currencies can only be circulated in the same technology range. Different chains and currencies are independent. Cross-chain, as the name suggests, is to act as a bridge between chains and chains. Through technology, value can be circulated between chains and chains.
What is mapping?
Our mapping technology mainly stores the amount of cryptocurrency exchange we need to be stored in MAS Pay wallet MainNet. MAS Pay wallet will generate equivalent cryptocurrency lightning tokens for storage or exchange. For example, Xiaomei deposits 5 BTCs on MASPay, MASPay generates 5 lightning bit tokens, Dabao also deposits 10 ETHs on MAS Pay wallet, and MAS Pay wallet generates 10 lightning ether tokens. The process of generating equivalent lightning tokens is called mapping.
What is a smart contract?
Smart contract is a special protocol used in the development of contracts in a blockchain and is used primarily to provide conditions for verification and execution of smart contracts. Smart contracts contain code functions and can interact with other contracts, make decisions, store data and transfer Ethereum.
What’s Lightning Network ?
MASFi has developed a mainnet called MAS Pay , through token swap method in MAS Pay mainnet, the transfer/receipt can be quickly arrived and more convenient to exchange assets in different currencies.
The mainnet mainly was built for multi-technology service blockchain platforms such as universal smart contracts, cross-chain integration, and advanced conditional payment.
What’s MASX token ?
MASX is a MASFi-based application token developed by the MASFi team. The development of MASFi  chain focuses on the provision of technical services such as lightning network payment, cross-chain cooperation, and smart contract development. The developed MAS Pay can be used as a lightning network payment. Applications such as gas fee, cross-chain cooperation related charges and sub-chain of MAS Pay, smart contract production fee developed on the MAS Pay MainNet.
How to use lightning network payment?
To use the lightning payment function, you must deposit the currency you want to operate into MAS Pay. In Android and IOS version, click the function button in the middle to go to lightning payment page and choose to do lightning payment. Follow the prompts to select the payment wallet to be deposited and fill in the transfer information, click to confirm, wait a short while, the deposited currency will be displayed at the total amount of lightning payment page. To use MAS Pay wallet for quick transfer/receipt, please click the currency you want , click the button for lightning transfer/receipt, fill in the information or scan the code according to the prompt. Meanwhile, you can experience fast transfer feature provided by MAS Pay wallet.
* While using Lightning Transfer, please fill in the MASX Lightning Payment Address.
Can I transfer out my cryptocurrency in the lightning network ?
If the cryptocurrency is to be transferred out of MAS Pay wallet, please click on the currency you want to propose. Here, take Bitcoin as an example. Click “Propose” to fill in the general currency collection address and amount. To export coins to the general wallet, both MASX and BTC gas fee are deducted. At the same time, BTC gas fee will be deducted from the proposed amount. After confirming, the currency will be transferred to the general wallet.
Do I need to pay gas fee for using lightning?
When using MAS Pay wallet’s lightning payment function, you need to deposit the currency into MAS Pay wallet. Take Bitcoin as an example. The process of depositing only consumes BTC as gas fee. If there is already a transfer/receipt amount in MAS Pay wallet, only MASX will be consumed during the transfer process. To put the cryptocurrency from MAS Pay wallet to the general wallet for use, it costs MASX and BTC both.
What’s the difference between lightning payment and general wallet payment?
The lightning payment page provided by MAS Pay wallet is a functional interface for cross-chain asset swap. Through mapping technology, different cryptocurrencies can be converted into chain and achieve exchange of different cryptocurrencies rapidly.
For example, Bob wants to exchange 1BTC for 3ETH with Alice, both of them only need to deposit the required amount into MAS Pay wallet, exchange through the chain mapping technology, Bob and Alice can instantly receive BTC and ETH, without trading trouble steps such as other pipelines are exchanged for the required currency, so it is different from the function of general wallet as asset storage.
Why the transaction fails even my wallet has enough assets to pay for gas fees?
Because Bitcoin’s trading model is calculated in UTXO, the full name is Unspent Transaction Outputs, which is a no-cost transaction. The blockchain is used to illustrated and can be regarded as a decentralized public account. Each node can perform verification and data backup for each transaction, but no node has a book record of all account balances, so every time a transaction occurs, the miner must confirm the entire blockchain. Whether the amount transferred has not been spent or the correct amount of money to be transferred in the chain assets. In short, it is best to follow the one-in-one-out principle in the operation transfer/receipt process. If you use the one-input and multi-out operation, MAS Pay wallet will jump out tips of the transaction failure (the assets and gas fee are sufficient), then you have to transfer Bitcoin (or USDT of the bit protocol) in order to transfer assets again.
Do you have to use MAS Pay to use the lightning payment function?
To experience the fast transfer/receipt of lightning payment, you have to download MAS Pay Wallet APP for use. When using MAS Pay for lightning payment, a special set of transfer/receipt will be preset.When depositing/removing coins into MAS Pay wallet, transaction details will also be displayed in the general wallet, with different address information, users can better distinguish whether the assets are stored in/out of MAS Pay wallet.

VI. Other help instructions

In the top half of the Discovery page, select “Help Center”. Here are some questions and answers you may encounter when operating the app. MAS Pay wallet homies can find the solution to the problem first. In the future, Q&A will update more content to be added one after another for helping MAS Pay wallet homies solve their doubts.

About the team / terms of service
In Discovery page, “Privacy Policy” and “About Us” provide users with the range of services we offer, as well as the use of this app, MAS Pay wallet homies can click to see contents like MAS Pay team and users’ rights clauses and the future development.

Problem response
Please click on the “Feedback” in setting, we provide a reply to the letter. After receiving the feedback from MAS Pay wallet homies, the helper will assist in processing and replying as soon as possible.

Focus on other official communities of our team
After using MAS Pay wallet APP, If you are fascinated by our APP. In addition to the APP, you would like to know more about our team. It is bound to become stans of MAS Pay wallet ! We will be very happy that MAS Pay wallet homies are so caring for the services we provide, to introduce aloud to us, we also provide other community information, there are official communities such as wechat, telegram, facebook, medium, line etc. Please pay close attention to our official community.

V. Basic settings instructions

Basic setting function
In the settings, there are “System Settings”, “Wallet Settings”, “Account Security”, users can select in individual function blocks depending on the function you want to use.

Use QR code to back up your wallet
Due to MAS Pay wallet APP is a decentralized light wallet, it is strongly recommended that MAS Pay wallet homies must back up the QR code of the wallet. If the wallet is not stored when you first create the wallet, you can also back up the wallet information in the “Backup Identity” in the account settings. You need to enter the password and password prompt before backup. After the QR code is displayed, please click “Save QR code”.

Back up the wallet with a private key
MAS Pay wallet homies can also back up individual wallets separately. Just click the “Account Security” option in the account settings, select Export BTC or ETH private key, click on the wallet to be backed up, and then choose whether to export the private key or use QR code. Do the preservation, the wallet private key and the QR code are important assets for individuals. Please keep the backup and save it properly. We MAS Pay team is not responsible for managing the private key and wallet information for MAS Pay wallet homies, in case if there is any need to recover in the future.

APP message notification settings
If MAS Pay wallet homie is often bothered by the APP notification message and wants to drop the phone, teach you a way to make it quiet. Please click on “Message Notification” in the account settings and click “Close Message Notification”. It will not be disturbed by the notification of the APP. On the other hand, you can also choose “Open Message Notification” to make the phone in any time.

Add a regular address
To add the common address into MAS Pay wallet APP, click the account setting. In the “Common Address”, click the “+” icon in the upper right corner. Enter the name and comment (optional) information according to the page prompt. Click the blue prompt “Add Address” and select the BTC or ETH address to be added. (You can copy the address or use the QR code to add it), fill it out and save it in the upper right corner.

APP update
Everything needs to be at the forefront. APP should also use the latest ones. Of course, MAS Pay wallet homies can click on the “Check for Updates” in the account settings from time to time to know if the APP is using the latest version.

Calculating currency change
Just boarded the app and found that the currency unit is not familiar to you. Don’t worry about it. Just click on “Denomination Currency” in the basic settings, you can change the default CNY (RMB) to TWD (Taiwan dollar), USD ( US dollar) as the calculation unit, click on the calculation unit to be displayed and click on the storage in the upper right corner. MAS Pay wallet APP will be displayed in the selected calculation unit.

Language settings
Click on the “Display Language” in the basic settings, you can choose to display in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English , select the display language and click on the confirmation in the upper right corner. MAS Pay wallet APP will display in the selected language after restarting.

APP Login Protection
Want to keep MAS Pay wallet APP login privacy? Just click “Pin Password” in the basic settings, there are two options: “Open Fingerprint” and “Use Pin Password”.

Delete account
If users want to delete the account information. We MAS Pay wallet have to sadly remind users how to uninstall. First, click “delete account” in the account settings, will prompt you to remove the identity and wallet, please review it in detail, please click “confirm” to delete all related accounts and wallets.
(※ In order to prevent the risk of loss of personal cryptocurrency assets, please be sure to back up all wallet information before deleting your account and wallet)

III. Community Use Instructions

Introduction to the community page
Click “Chat” at the bottom of the page to landing the community function page. The community features provided by MAS Pay wallet can be used to create a group, interact, and manage your own. At the same time, digital assets can also create an ecological circle of interaction and communication.

Add friends
Click on “Friends” in the top function bar of the chat page, then click on the “+” on the right side of the same column to add new friends. It is recommended to add them by scan code. The added party can click on the top right circular portrait icon on the same page, and click “Display QR Code” on the personal information page to share your QR code to friends.
◎Being added to a friend can find the corresponding party in the address book of the community page portrait icon, click on the consent and add the friend to succeed.

Chat room
The MAS Pay Wallet community function can transmit photos, files and other information just like other social platforms. We have added an “small chat” function. If both parties want chat content not to be stored by any device , click on the “Bomb” icon in the upper right corner and turn on the dialogue self-explosion function, select the time limit for clearing the chat data.
The system will automatically delete the dialog according to the deadline set by the two parties.
◎The group also provides the “Secret Chat” function, the operation method is the same, but the group is currently only open to the group owner can start the secret chat.

Join group
To create an influential group in the community, just click on “Community” in the top left corner of the chat page, then click the “+” button next to it, you will be taken to the page to create the group, just follow the page prompts to fill in the relevant information and select friends who are invited to enter the group. Finally, you can start to build various types of small groups and construct an interactive ecology with communication.

II. IOS lightning payment operation instructions | IOS闪电支付操作说明

Lightning payment – Deposit
In the wallet home page, click the function button at the bottom entering lightning payment page. You need to deposit assets into MASPay and select “Save” in the menu, click the payment wallet you want to deposit, enter the deposit amount, type the wallet password, and the asset will be successfully transferred to MAS Pay wallet.

Lightning Payment – MAS Pay wallet
To do any transfer or asset swap on MAS Pay wallet, MASX is required as a gas fee. The way to get MASX can be purchased with MAS Pay wallet or purchased from exchanges. Click MASX from the lightning payment page, then click the green lightning collection to provide QR code or lightning payment address information to MAS Pay team. After receiving the address, our team will immediately transfer MASX, or select the “Propose/Lead” function on the exchange, fill in the relevant information of the 2 collection address and amount, quantity, etc., then MASX purchase on the exchange can be transferred to MASPay Wallet for use.
* In MAS Pay network, you can also freely and quickly transfer funds and collect MASX. Click the MASX function button on the lightning payment page, then click the red lightning transfer button and fill in the relevant information.
Please note that MASX lightning transfer address must be filled in to the receiving address of MASX Lightning Payment. You need to download MASPay Wallet APP to use TTN’s lightning transfer! The operation of MAS Pay network requires the consumption of MASX as gas fee. It is necessary to notice that whether MASX token is sufficient. After completing the filling, click the confirmation and enter the password for the transaction transfer.

Lightning payment – Currency transfer / collection
If you want to do the cryptocurrency transfer/receipt operation on MAS Pay network, click the currency function button you want to operate, and select transfer or collection.
If you need to transfer the funds, fill in the relevant information and enter the wallet password.
To receive a payment, you can either copy the MAS Pay wallet Lightning Address or have the payer scan the QR code to complete the payment.
◎Please note! For MASX transfer/receipt or currency operation on MAS Pay network, you need to fill in the lightning collection address of MAS Pay wallet!

Lightning payment – Withdrawal
If you want to withdrawal tokens on MAS Pay wallet to the general wallet for use, please click “Propose” under the currency function button. Please put forward the function.
Please note that the address needs to be filled in the general Bitcoin or Ethereum address. When the address information is submitted, the gas fee will be deducted from the proposed amount. After completing the relevant information, click on the confirmation and fill in the wallet password.

I. Wallet creation / operation | 钱包创建和操作

Trust developer
After downloading the MAS Pay wallet installation file, click “Settings” on the phone to select “General”, select “Description File and Device Management” on the page, find Bizhap Communications and click the blue button: Trust “Bizhap Communications” , you can start using MAS Pay wallet APP.

Create a new wallet
After download MAS Pay wallet app, please click on the new user to create the identity, fill in the relevant information according to the page prompts, click Create.
(※Users must keep the password in mind, you will need to enter this password at the next stage for backup wallet QR code and subsequent transfer transactions)

New wallet information backup
After the creation, the page will display the backup prompt, please click the “Backup QR Code” button, then you will need to fill in the password and password prompt message when creating the wallet. After filling in, please press the confirmation, and then the user’s personal wallet will be generated. QR code, please click the light green “Save QR Code” below, the QR code will be stored in the folder of the DCIM name MAS Pay wallet in user’s mobile phone storage, it is recommended that the user back up this QR code. If you need to restore your wallet later, you need to use this QR code to recover.

Wallet storage currency type
Once the backup is completed, it will jump into directly to the wallet page. The way to sort MASPay wallet are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoin and other listed currency wallets. If you need to add a wallet, please click left. The “+” symbol on the right side of the figure can be added to the page that pops up by clicking “Add Wallet”, “Using Identity QR Code”, and “Wallet Private Key (currently supports scanning QR code to import wallet).”

New wallets classification
The new wallet of users’ will be displayed in the category of the same currency wallet. Take the new-create BTC-wallet as an example. After adding the wallet, click the first one “BTC Wallet”. The added wallets will be displayed in the list, arranged as BTC Wallet-2 and BTC Wallet-3.
◎MAS Pay wallet will automatically convert assets into the total value of the currency to be displayed. It will be displayed in the lower right corner of the wallet. The default currency is CNY (RMB), and the setting can be changed to TWD (Taiwan Dollar), USD .

Change the name of the wallet
Take BTC-wallet as example. Click the BTC Wallet icon and click on the first wallet address. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and click on the bold font BTC Wallet to edit the wallet name. After changing the wallet name, it will be displayed with the changed name.
◎If you want to change the password prompt of the wallet, you can also change the wallet password prompt by selecting “wallet password prompt” on the wallet setting page, clicking on the function bar and clicking the function column again.

Wallet transfer / collection
While operating the transfer or collection, please click on the wall of the wallet page to transfer the currency, select the wallet, and select the option to do the operation in my asset.
After the page jumps, please click the lower button “Transfer”, fill in the transfer amount, payment address and other information, press Next, you need to enter the password set while creating the wallet before the transfer, press OK after the completion, the transfer will be completed.
◎ Asset transfer, failure and other records can be displayed in the asset type page of the asset selection to be viewed.
For the payment operation, please click the button at the lower of the screen. You can choose to share it with the payer using QR code or copy the wallet address.

Stablecoin (USDT) transfer/ received
The transfer/receipt operation of the stablecoin(USDT) is the same as the transfer and collection of the same currency. After the currency wallet of the stablecoin is selected, there will be a BTC and ETH menu. Users can choose to transfer the stablecoin, BTC or ETH according to demand. Click the same wallet address you want to transfer, select the option you want to operate in my assets, click Transfer or Pay, and follow instructions on the page to complete.
◎If you choose BTC, you can only transfer or collect Bitcoin. Otherwise, you can only transfer or collect Ether.

Remove extra wallets
If users want to delete some wallets that are not in use that often. Take bitcoin wallet as demonstration. To delete the BTC Wallet-3. First, click on the wallet address and the gear in the upper right corner, then select the red prompt “Delete Wallet”. You need to enter the wallet password again. After confirming, the system will automatically delete the wallet.

Restore wallet
If you have backed up the wallet information QR code, to restore the used wallet information, please click “Resume Identity” and click “QR code recovery”. Next, please select “Scan QR code” or “Select photo” to read. Just a reminder, MAS Pay wallet is only capable to import the beforehand wallet information via the QR code you reserved previously.
(※ Whether it is to create identity, restore identity, add a wallet, etc., it is strongly recommended to do a wallet information backup in regular times)
*If you use “Select Photo” to import your identity, the QR code will be stored in the DCIM named MAS Pay wallet folder (the prompt storage path will be displayed under the QR code). Please follow this path to find the backup QR Code image selection, you need to enter the original set wallet password before restoring your identity, then click next. You can set a new identity nickname, new password and prompt to the QR code content page. Click Finish to start importing and user can restore the previous wallet information.
◎If user forgets the login password of MAS Pay wallet APP, you only need to back up the identity QR code in advance, and you can reset the login password by deleting the APP or the account and then restoring the identity operation.





I. Rookies’ Manipulate Issues

Log in info for new users
When a new user uses the wallet, a new identity needs to be created. After the user name and password are set, the system will generate an unique wallet QR code. Please store the wallet QR code to protect the security of the cryptocurrency asset.

Does it support Chinese display?
Users can go to the settings in the gear icon at the bottom of the page, click on the “Display Language” in the basic settings. The current system supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English display settings. After selecting the language to be displayed, press Save.

How to use MAS Pay wallet to transfer?
Take Bitcoin as an example. Select the wallet to be transferred (if there are multiple wallets with same currency), select the target to be operated from my assets, and go to the page displaying the transfer or collection function. Click the transfer function. After that, please enter the transfer amount and payment address, enter the password when you log in, you will be able to transfer successfully.
At the payment section, after selecting the payment function, the page will display the QR code and wallet address, which can allow the payer to scan the code or receive the wallet address and so on.

Does the APP need to be updated?
We recommend that users check MAS Pay wallet for the latest version from time to time, or click on the gear icon at the bottom of the page and select “Check for Updates” in the account settings to see if there is an updated version to protect personal cryptocurrency assets.

Why are the prices displayed divergently on different platforms?
Just like super-markets and convenient stores, the price of the same item will be different.
Is there any charge for using MAS Pay wallet?
MAS Pay wallet app are free. The only thing that needs to be paid during the use of the wallet is the GAS fee, which is used to pay for miner to process the transaction.
What is mining?
Mining refers to the computing power required to generate blocks through the device through the computer equipment. After the node confirms the transaction and the miner packing block on the main chain, miner will receive cryptocurrency as a reward. This process is called mining.
What is a miner?
The operator who provides the computing power of the computer equipment to carry out mining and thus obtain benefits is the miner.
What is a node?
Each computer or server can become a node*, each node has the opportunity to obtain the billing rights of the block. However, nodes themselves do not have all network accounting information, so they must be connected to each other through the mesh and confirmed transaction by broadcasting, allowing all network nodes to update accounting information at the same time.
*Because transaction information on the network is stored in different computer devices, each computer or device needs to compete with other nodes. When your computing power is better than other nodes, you might have the opportunity to get billing rights of the block.
What is the GAS fee?
For example, when you want to transfer money between different bank accounts, you must pay the commission for the services provided by the bank. Similarly, the miners in the blockchain should package your transactions and put them on the blockchain. While the transaction is completed, and the computational resources of the blockchain are consumed in the process, so the gas fee is paid. The miners prioritize the high-cost miners’ transactions. If the miners paid by the users are very low, the trade may not be packaged by the miners, causing the trade to fail.
What is an address?
For example, just like sending a letter, you need to know the address of the other party to send the letter. The address of cryptocurrency is the address of the user receiving the currency. If you need to trade, you have to know the address before you do transactions.
What is Stablecoin (USDT)?
USDT is a token based on the stable value about US Dollar (USD) launched by Tether, Tether USD (USDT for short), 1 USDT = 1 USD, and the USDT is issued and traded using the Omni protocol, which is a bit based currency blockchain 2.0. The USDT’s transaction confirmation and other parameters are consistent with Bitcoin. Users can wire the US dollar to the bank account provided by Tether through SWIFT, or exchange the USDT through the exchange. When redeeming the dollar, the reverse operation can be done. Users can also exchange USDT for bitcoin..
What if the transfer failed, will it cost GAS fee?
As long as the transaction is packaged by the miner, the gas fee will be consumed, but due to packaging failure or block verification failure (including insufficient gas cost, call instruction error, contract execution error, etc.), the miner will be consumed, but the transfer amount will be returned.
Crypto currency asset displayed incorrectly or the asset is missing
Please check if the network signal is stable. You can switch back to the telecommunication network and re-open the app, or cut the wallet address and re-open the app or check if the app is updated to the latest version.
How to check the transaction record?
Users can click on the wallet currency they want to view. Take the Bitcoin wallet as an example. Click BTC Wallet and select the wallet address where you want to view the transaction details, click the option for assets in your assets, and the page will display the transaction record details of all the rollouts, transfers, and failures of the wallet.